youtube fan

The digital video world steps out of their screens to join fans in the flesh in one single venue during one single day: the Bandra Amphitheatre on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Fans’ favorite videos will come to life at FanFest: this day will be all about behind the scenes, exclusivity, touching the hall of fame and discovering new talents. Line up:
Vsauce (UK)
Bethany Mota (USA)
IISuperwomanII (CA)
TheViralFever (IN)
All India Bakchod (IN)
Shraddha Sharma (IN)
Shankar Tucker (USA/IN)
TroubleSeekerTeam (IN)
Maati Baani (IN)
Scherezade Shroff (IN).

After this th youtube fanfest will be at singapore in May.