Wow! the Title Sounds Interesting, isn’t it? There must be a Question in your Mind, that

“How Can Just Drinking Water, Keep Us Healthy?”

Well that’s what I want to Share With You. So to begin Just Let us Name this Therapy as WATER THERAPY, now what you are Supposed to Do in this therapy is that You have to Drink water in Specific times During the Day.

You Can also Consume it Afterwards and also whenever You feel thirsty throughout the day, but You don’t have to Forget that you are drinking it in the Given Schedule as well.

  • Four Glasses of Water In the Morning, Immediately after You Wake up. ( Even Before Brushing Your Teeth)
  • One or Two Glasses of Water After Having Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • One Glass of Water Before Going to Bed.

So, Is following the above mentioned Schedule that Hard, No! I Guess, If you Just make it a Habit, and Obviously you can also Have Water whenever You Feel thirsty in between, but make sure You Do Not Drink Water if You are Not Thirsty.

People at many Places Have Embedded this Habit in their Daily Lives from Ancient Times and now, its also Scientifically Proven that Drinking Good Amount of water in a Day is very Important for a Healthy Life. Many Diseases Can be Avoided or Prevented by Just Adding this Very Less Time Consuming Habit to Your Daily Schedule.

Some of the Benefits of this WATER THERAPY are Mentioned below for your Quick Reading

  • Piles can be completely prevented as Drinking Water purifies your  stomach
  • Keeps You Safe From Kidney Problems and Related Diseases
  • Diabetes can be kept under control
  • Keeps you Free from Constipation
  • Eye Problems and related diseases can be prevented
  • Even Some types of Cancer can also be Kept Away
  • Excess Fatness can be Dealt with
  • and almost all Ear, Nose & Throat Problems Can be kept away. 

So How about all this For Just Minutes of Your Precious Time in a Day that too For Drinking Water, nothing Else. Well For Me its a good Deal, What About You?


  • Water should be taken Slowly, and Within 15 – 20 Minutes Around 4 Glasses of Water to be Consumed.
  • Do Not Drink Water When You Are Not Thirsty – Excess of Everything is Harmful so when you are following the Water Therapy Schedule, Make sure that in the other times of your day you Drink Water Only when You are Thirsty.
  • The Water when We Say it, is Warm, Luke Warm or Normal Water and therefore not Cold Water because cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed and hence it will slow down the digestion.
  • If You are Old in Age or Sick, you can Slowly and Gradually Start this Water Therapy Schedule and, see the Results Yourself.

Thank You All For your precious time to check this article, I will Post More of Such Natural Therapy Articles for You to Read, Feed-backs & Suggestions will be Appreciated.


Photo Courtesy of Water by Geoffrey Whiteway / Free Range Stock