Hello, again I am Out with another Article but bit of a Spiritual Nature, Rather Just a Random Deep thought of mine, or you can call it some Kind of Philosophy, but I will make Sure, You are not Bored.

So to Begin with, Have You Ever Wondered

“What should you do if people don’t Respect/Like/Love you?”

Well after a Lot of Digging into my Mind and Some Cups of Tea I have Found out this Below Solution, so go on read it, as You might Face this Thought Someday if you haven’t already.

So the Answer is

“Thank them, Yes! Just Thank them”

Thank them because they have given you freedom, Freedom to be and Continue being what you are, Freedom to Do what You want, without bothering them.

As This Has always been my Concern that Whenever people Respect, Like or Love you, they often take away your Freedom, They expect you to smile at them, recognize them, and behave in a certain way with them. Most of the Times You are obliged to return their courtesies and Favors, just because you don’t want to hurt them.

However this has also been my observation that When people don’t respect or love you, you are not obliged to answer their questions and be Nice (Pretend) to them and Definitely can drop all the formalities, You can naturally smile or frown, People will not be hurt as they have set you free.

By all this I Don’t  mean, Being Unfriendly or Introvert and also it does not mean, being Aggressive and Inimical. At times you may Find The Best Secretaries, Personnel, employees and Judges have to be Straight Forward with their Approach, Perception and Understanding, Avoiding all and Every Attachments and Inclination to All Kind of Relations, well in their Case It makes their Job, Their Responsibilities a Little Bit Easier as people Do Not Expect any Special Privileges or Favors From them.

Attachment Can be Explained as a type of Emotion linked with people, objects and events, However Catching on to objects, people or relationships hinders freedom. You find freedom when you have a say, over your emotion.

Wisdom is to put the freedom first and then think about Respect or Attachment.

It takes a lot of Mental Strength to be free from the burden of obligations and not to be influenced by Opinions and Feelings of the People You are Naturally Attached to.

Image Courtesy of Seagull Flying free by Aleksandar Momirovic / freerangestock.com