Before starting the topic I just want to mention the reason for my writing of this article, that for a good personality and best impression you have to take care of your teeth, keep it clean, white and just make it a habit. You will definitely enjoy the attention of people you meet or get along with, as because it has been observed and found by many that People while talking to you subconsciously look at your teeth, therefore it helps them judge your efforts for staying Healthy and Clean, and for healthy teeth you just have to develop good habits, to maintain your teeth clean and white and make it your routine.

Healthy Teeth is basically a subject which people always ignore and they just become Serious when the condition becomes worse, and then they waste time doing various methods of treatments by their own and end up having Unhealthy Teeth.

So what Can you Do to Have a Healthy, White & Clean Teeth?

Well there you Go.

These are the Major Habits you have to develop for your lifetime.

1.) Brush 2 times a day at least Once in the morning and Next before going to sleep.(Using of Proper Quality Toothpaste or Ayurvedic Toothpaste, Good Quality Smooth Toothbrush. Use it gently and Yes, Tootbrush should be changed atleast every 4 to 5 Months.)

2.) Drinking water in Empty stomach is the Basic thing which you can understand through my previous Article.  Drink Water Stay Healthy

3.) Always Wash your Mouth and Gargle properly after having your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

4.) Chewing 3 to 4 Cloves daily or Using Ear Buds dipped in a Clove liquid and Applying it to the teeth is also very beneficial.

5.) Last but not the least For Strong and Healthy Teeth you should also have proper eating Habits everyday like Salads, Seasonal fruits like Mango, Guava, Grapes should be consumed and having different types of vegetables everyday which will play the key Role for Healthy and strong Tooth. In Simple Words a Proper Diet Should be Followed

Using these Natural Methods would definitely prove beneficial and Also I would Recommend You to visit your dentist for Regular Check-ups when needed, At least Once In A Year. Remember Good Looking & Healthy Teeth are Precious Assets Beware and Take Proper Care of them before you Start Losing Them.


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