Hello Everyone, finally got some time out of my Daily Schedule for A Thought or you can say Great and Meaningful Discussion with a Bunch of Friends, so just thought about Posting it.

I am sure, that many of you have ever thought about the Existence of God or also would have wondered about Good or Bad Karma and the Results, however I have always believed in Both of Them

  • Whatever that Happens, is done by the Almighty, by his will.
  • All what you Do Good or Bad you are Going to Get its Fruits Accordingly.

Well both of these statements, if just read without understanding the Hidden Meaning, they Contradict, as

If Everything is Done by God then why Should we Do Anything Else than Just to Praise Him all the Time.

And Also you would wonder that,

If Karma is Everything, why Should we Praise God or else why should we even Believe him.

Well two of the Following Stories or Say Examples would hopefully Help you to Decide Upon.

Story / Example 1 -

Gaurkishora Dasa Babaji was a Pure Lord *Krishna’s Devotee and One of the Prominent Spiritual Guru from the “Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya”

Once Gaurkishora Dasa Babaji was going through the town of Navdweep begging a little Rice from different houses.(this Practice is followed by many Lord Devotees in Hinduism) The Village people used to sometimes tease and make fun of these devotees begging for Food.

Some boys in that town were pelting stones and throwing dirt at Gaurkishora Dasa Babaji to which he replied in the following words

“Krishna You are Cruelly Dealing with me, Stop this or I shall Complaint about your Act to Mother Yashoda”

So that was his outlook towards the acts of those Mischievous boys, and in that same way he harmonized everything happening in his Daily Life as also when Good things Happened He used to Thank Lord Krishna. Philosophically also Nothing can happen without God’s will but in a concrete way a Devotee sees God’s Hand in everything.

“God is the Reason of All Reason’s”

This was Gaurkishora Dasa Babaji ‘s Outlook which was very Unique and Satisfying.

Story / Example 2 -

One of Greatest and Well Known Saint Sai Baba used to say,

“Karmyog  ki Bhatti me Sab ko Jalna padta Hai”

that means you are bound by the Law of Karma. You work hard to get a Good Job or, You fall into trouble, or you gain good health, You Get a Good Life Partner, Your Children respect you or any thing else, all of these things Depends upon your Karma, as whatever you Do, you will Get the Fruits Accordingly, whether its Good or Bad.

Once a Man Got Paralysed, His Son took him before Sai baba and asked for blessings saying

“Sai Baba Our family is in very heartbreaking condition due to my Father’s health please help us, we have never done anything wrong”.

To which Sai Baba smilingly replied

“Remember you got married and your Father insulted the Bride’s father due to Dowry. Even you were in favor of your father’s Side because of that God has got you in this Condition”.

The Son realized his mistake and took his bride home and asked her and also her Father for Forgiveness for their Family’s mistake, and Not Much time Later the Conditions Changed and they were happy and his Father also got cured from Paralysis.

“Allah Bhala karega, Ram bhala Karega” 

Sai Baba Respected Every Religion, Faiths and also People From Many Religions were His Followers, He always used to Preach and Teach People about the Law of Karma and the Justice of the Almighty.

So….. Still Wondering or Yet Confused.

Well It was same with me as when I heard both the Stories in the Same Day, I thought about it and Reached to a Conclusion that the World is Definitely Made by God, Whatever Happens is Definitely by his Will but Yes! All what Happens to You, is nothing but the Result of Your Karma, as God is Unbiased, He never Takes Sides, He always Gives You what You Deserve rather than what You ask for.

This Discussion Just enlightened me about the Fact that Both the Factors

  • The God’s Will
  • Your Karma

are Equally Responsible for whatever Happens with you, however its just your Perception which way you Go, because either ways you get to Know that

As you Sow, So shall you Reap.

Photo Courtesy of Women Yoga by samarttiw / freedigitalphotos.net