Acidity Reflux :

Excess secretion of Acids in the gastric glands in the Stomach causes Acidity or Acidity Reflux.. There is also Irritation or bad feeling in your Esophagus this Irritable condition of Acidity Reflux is called Heartburn.

Causes of Acidity Reflux :

  • Overeating or having large meals..
  • Sleeping just after having dinner.
  • More eating of Citrus Foods like Tomatoes.
  • More of Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco, Gutkha, Paan or more of betel nuts.
  • Some Medicines also triggers Acidity Reflux.

Diseases Caused Due to Acidity Reflux :

Gout, Ulcers, Greying of Hair, and even Esophagus Cancer as Directly or Indirectly your whole body suffers when you fall prey to Acidity Reflux.

Methods which help you keep Acidity Reflux Away :

  • Drink Lukewarm water or room temperature water 4 to 5 glasses empty stomach in the morning. You Can get a Complete Article on this Subject as its a Precaution for Many Long and Short Term Health Problems. Drink Water, Stay Healthy
  • Avoid Overeating and make a habit of having your dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed. Make a habit of eating of having 3 meals in smaller proportion and always have some fruits or Snacks in between around 3 hours.
  • Chew your food well. You can have a Sips of water in Between for proper digestion, and afterwards Consume 1 or 2 glasses of water 30 minutes to 1 hour later.
  • Till you get free of Acidity Reflux Atleast 2 to 4 glasses of Coconut water for atleast 2 months will give wonderful results
  • Avoid Tomatoes till you get free from Acidity Reflux, It is very harmful
  • Spicy Foods, Chana Dal and Foods which is not properly Cooked or Overcooked should be avoided
  • Avoid Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco, etc., and also avoid excess Tea, Cold drinks, also Excess of Sugar intake is very harmful for Acidity Refulx.
  • Fresh Green Vegetables & Curd intake will control your Acidity, Try Lots of Non-Citrus fruits like Guava, Apple, Banana, and Watermelon which will help, neutralize the acid in your Stomach.

Acidity is triggered mainly by the foods we eat and our eating habits. Skipping meals having too much Fatty and spicy food, and Irregular meals. Junk & Spicy Food Play a Major Role. Therefore Avoiding them is of Utmost Importance Stress is also a Important cause of Many Health Problems which also include Acidity. Adverse reaction of Human body system is seen when a person is in stress. Too much work for a long period and Continuous Pressure is also the cause of Acidity.

Therefore if You are Suffering From Acidity Reflux you should visit your Family Doctor As Soon As Possible cause this problem is Serious and for those who Want to Keep it Miles Away, you can follow these Above Precautions.

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