On 27 May 2014, an alleged gang rape and murder of two teenage girls reported in the Katra village of Budaun district, Uttar Pradesh, India. In the evening the girls had gone out into a field that was used as a toilet area and did not return. The police were notified, but they took no action. Villagers searched for the girls throughout the night and they were found the following morning hanging from a tree
WCD Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi: Government has taken the Badaun Case Very Seriously
SMT. Maneka Gandhi: Effective ‘One Stop Crisis Centres’ to be made Functional by the Year End in all Districts
Minister for Women and Child Development Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi stated that the Government has taken the Badaun case very seriously. She stated that effective One Stop Crisis Centres will be made functional by the year end. These centres will be opened in all districts. These will function as One Stop Centers where medical, legal, and police aid will be provided to women who are victims of rape and sexual assault. These will provide short stay for the women in need, and will be equipped with ambulance services which will reach women who need help. These will have trained staff which will function with sensitivity and discipline, the Minister stated. The Minister stated that funds have been allocated for the project. These help centres will be run by the central government. Protocols for the staff attending to victims in these centres will be set for the entire nation. She stated that while basic infrastructure for starting these centres is already in place, they just need to be brought together.

The WCD Minister, Smt. Maneka Gandhi stated establishing these centres is among her top priorities, along with making adoption easy and child friendly by revising the adoption guidelines of CARA, and providing toilets for women in all parts of the country. 

The WCD Minister also stated that the email Helpline will start functioning very soon, where women who are in trouble and need help can contact the Ministry. A nodal officer has been appointed, she stated.

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