There was a time when the only people on special diets or with wide ranging allergies. Yeah right..!!! as you sat down to eat at the table were ladies, some could not eat wheat or rice some others could not mix their carbohydrates with their proteins while some others were high on protein diet.
                           But now men are muscling in on what was earlier a female preserve. These days it is almost a given that men would also be on some sort of special diet. There was a time when only men you saw pumping iron at gym to develop a body like Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan or Akshay Kumar. But the scenario has changed now. They go for early morning walks, jog every evening. Get personal trainers and take pride in every kg (kilo) lost as they do on every zero added to their bank accounts. Beauty treatments are pretty much for men also these days. They want their facials and face masks as much as the ladies. They too want their nails bffed to perfection. Their bathroom shelves are heavy with as many face care products scrubs, moisturizing creams, various serums etc…
                            Fashion too is also preoccupied with men as it is with women. Gone are the days when they were happy with a couple of suits in the wardrobe for office wear, jeans and t-shirts for their days off. Now they follow trends closely keeping an eye on the latest styles. 
                            However, this new interest in fashion is not restricted to clothes only. But men have become obessed with shoes as women have been for decades. Two pairs of brown and black shoes will no longer do. Now the man of taste and style wants stylish and sober footwear to go with his formals, sneakers for gym, Italian loafers for casual dressing, open-toed sandals for Indian summer. In short he needs as many shoes as his wife…!! Okay, sorry, I exaggerated, but only a little…!!
                           Well, if you want to take a good look at how much the unreconstructed man has changed, then just get loads of posters of Salman Khan. You must have noticed the change in him when he acted in his 1st film and of course in the recent ones. He has changed from a thin guy to a perfectly toned muscle body. If you all ask me who is the representative of this new breed of men then the award goes to none other than Mr. Salman Khan….!!!