pen is mightier than sword

Pens are facing tough time in India. They are under serious threat and some good pens may even disappear. There are new pens in the market, and if pens like me, don’t follow them then we will be in trouble. I am a pen who writes right, clear and with no fear. I am a pen with good quality and high credibility. I only believe in truth because thats the penship of a pen. Pens like me are respeced for years. But, all of a sudden this penship of pens like me is gradually degrading. There are pens that are cheaper and have devalued themselves by being off-track from the responsibility of a pen. The state of their nib can be bought now ! What has happened to such fearless pens, when they know that they are meant to fight like a sword in the society ? A reputed pen always sticks to truth for all the matters and can never misguide a reader.
                               While talking to such fellow pens, I come to know that, they have changed them to mere writing instruments that can be used and thrashed to dustbin. However, when I ask them about their transformation, they say it’s adaptation to new change. A change in time, society, readers has demanded their transformation. But, when I reminded them with their penship of being true, clear and fearless writing, they laughed and said that for pens to survive on today’s world they have adapted the change. I asked them what about the stains left by your writing ? They were all speechless !!
                               The oldest pen among us exclaimed that the most precious pen is a ‘Free Pen’. But these words seem to fall on their deaf ears. All these pen roared together that they will all stick to history books or cook books, surely they are harmless. There is a urgent need for revolution in the style of writing of these pens and hence, I being a responsible pen, I am trying to bring back their penship. Other wise in no time, ink would go dry across India…!!!!!
Content by: Pranali Pawar