the Navy Band

The origin of the Indian Naval Band goes back to 1945 when it was formed with a handful of Navy musicians.  It has come a long way since then and today the Navy has many trained musicians in its rank at various bands across the country.


The Indian Naval Band has regaled audiences across the country and around the globe.  The musicians accompany Navy ships during goodwill visits to many foreign shores to play in ensemble with the Bands of these foreign nations.  The musicians of the Navy are therefore known as ambassadors of the country.


Of special distinction for the Navy Band have been the International performances during the Queen’s coronation in the UK, EXPO-70 in Japan, the International Music Festival in France, Bicentenary celebrations of the Statue of Liberty, the Australian Bicentennial celebration, the President’s Fleet Review in the USA and the International Fleet Review in Australia.


Its wide ranging repertoire includes stirring Martial Music, arrangements of Western Classical , Indian Classical and other forms of contemporary Popular and Folk music.


Under the baton of Commander VC D’Cruz, LMME, Director of Music (Navy), the Band continues to relate closely to the audience incorporating varied choices while maintaining its high standard of professionalism in music.