automatic local doors mumbai

Courtesy: Prashant Jadhav


Friday A western railway public relation officer messaged me regarding final Test of India’s first local train with new Automatic doors. From last few years rumors’ heared about Auto doors now are becoming a reality. First ride of auto door for media and railways sr.officer from Mahalakshmi to Borivali was conducted on decided time, at afternoon 3.16 pm automatic doors of the first class ladies compartment closed and the train left Mahalakshmi station. during that ride some questions came in my mind.

Saturday in Mumbai local trains this was the hot topic of discussion for every commuter, Everyone agreed this is not a practical thing to do in crowded environment such as Mumbai. Mumbaikar’s distrust on Automatic doors was not a wrong thing to do, Because experience gained from the past traveling of the Mumbai’s crowded local trains could not permit this. There were three problems which I came across during the travel first lack of ventilation which could lead to suffocation, the middle pole of the door was missing which could cause problem during entering and leaving the train. The emergency alarm button was placed at around six feet or more from the ground which could not be accessed by many female commuters.

Despite of the problem we have to admit that Automated doors will work in the favour of the mumbaikars. In 2014, 3428 passed away due to local train accidents and In the last three months 638 have died in local train accidents. 80% of these accidents are caused due to falling from open doors. So there is no doubt that after implementing the automatic closing doors the accidents will decrease drastically. Before two years when escalators came in existence in Mumbai railway staions which was also opposed by many at the start. But, now it has become a daily used entity for mumbaikars. Automated doors are also facing this kind of opposition. But, the decision of railway authority will come in handy to solve the existing problems of accidents. And this move will favour the health of the mumbaikar’s.

So all the best wishes to the new Automatic doors.