NEWSWAZiR is a News & Editorials Blog Portal, established with an Objective to Provide News and Updates Online, through a User Friendy Blog Portal Containing Photos / Videos / Articles, Stories will be from India and more specifically from Mumbai Region which includes Thane, Navi Mumbai, etc. also the rest of Maharashtra, however also we will cover stories from the rest of India as well, also we would be looking forward to expand our reach over the globe.

NEWSWAZiR desires to  develop a community of users by offering Valuable & Unbiased News / Updates / Editorials to its Visitors & Subscribers.  Content will be in regards to the topics such as Internet, Technology, Innovations, Business, Crime, Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.

VISION: To become a Credible Source of News on the web, by Providing Readers & Subscribers, high quality News Updates.
MISSION: To Provide News, Stories, Issues, Facts & Updates from Every End of the Society, without Illusions and being Commercially or Monetarily influenced.
OBJECTIVES: To Maintain Consistency in Delivering Unbiased, Fair and Just News and Opinions on the Events and Happenings affecting the Public.

The Idea behind the Name and Foundation of NEWSWAZiR was a critical and tragic Fact, that the World is Full of Illusions Created by those people who know the art of influencing the society and they make us see those Pictures which they want us to See.

We all Know one thing and have learned it in many ways from Childhood Itself, It’s not just a Quote, but a Fact

Every Coin has Two Sides.

The Concept of NEWSWAZiR is to expose that Darker Side of the Coin, which people are not able to see Due to reasons Such as Influence or even Ignorance.

A WAZiR in a Chess Board has a Ability to Flawlessly & Uninterruptedly Move to and in Every Direction and Block. This Exactly Defines & Features our Mission to Provide News, Stories, Issues, Facts & Updates from Every End of the Society.

NEWSWAZiR as a Team want it’s Readers to Focus on Facts which are not easily Available to them, due to the Commercial & Monetary Influence on the Media Industry, by various Corporate & Political Players.

Yes! Our Aim is to Switch on the Lights to Expose the other Dark Side of the Coins.


Thank you for visiting NEWSWAZiR, the blog will be updated every now and then with recent news and updates, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed and would be appreciated.

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