NEWSWAZiR is a News, Views, Updates & Opinions Portal, Our Articles Feature Current News & Updates of all mentioned Categories, and therefore we welcome Various types of Partnerships/Collaborations, and also if you are interested to Join our team or support us, you can contact us on our email for any of the following opportunities.

Content Partners -

If you are a blogger yourself, and write on any of the topics which are related to the public in general, eg: Public Interest topics such as Current Affairs, Economy, Politics, Entertainment Industry, Health, Lifestyle or Sports etc., we can work out a Partnership which would be Something Like, we will showcase you as our Content Partners on our Portal, and You will Do the Same, also we would Share Content of Our Respective Categories or Types.

Print / Television / Radio Partners -

If you are an Owner / Editor / Authority of a News Paper, Television Channel, Radio Station (Local or National), we will showcase you as our PRINT / T.V. / RADIO PARTNER on our Portal, and we can work as your WEB PARTNERS and hereby this would benefit you by getting a WEB PRESENCE for your Organisation, and also Our Benefit would be the Enhanced Credibility and Recognition.

Regional Partners -

Being a News Portal we always require news from different places, regions, areas, cities etc. therefore there is always a need for Regional Partners in our Operations and Activities, What We Expect is that You Can Provide us News From Your Area of Operation or Residence, and even you could benefit as your Posts, Articles will be seen by all our Viewers which will positively affect you in your other Activities in the Media Industry.

Event Managers / Organizers -

If you have an Public Event in Plans and You are Working on the Same then You would Definitely Need, Media Partners & Publishers to Publicize Your Events. So what about Us Working as Your ‘ONLINE MEDIA PARTNERS’ , We can also Showcase Your Event as Our ‘EVENT PARTNERS’.

Social Organisations/ NGO’s -

If You Are an NGO or Socialite Working for a Social Cause, you will definitely need Publicity to Spread the Word for your Cause, So that you Can get Maximum Help from the Public for Different Parts of the Work in Your Cause, so How about Having Us as Your ONLINE MEDIA PARTNERS, and also we Would be very Happy to Support a Cause Through Our NEWS PORTAL as ‘SOCIAL COMMITMENT PARTNERS’ or ‘SOCIAL CAUSE PARTNERS’

Artists / Individuals -

If you are a Painter, Caricature Artist, Cartoonist, Short Film Producer or Any other Kind of Expert, Consultant, Adviser, or an Experienced Professional, You Can Help Us by Sharing (Posting / Publishing) your art on our website or else by Writing a Column for Us, in Barter of the Viewership and Publicity you get From Our Website, we also have a Author Bio Section in Our Website where we allow you to Mention your Contact Details and a Short Bio, this Bio will appear below Each & Every Post of Yours, You Can use this ‘Author Bio’ feature to Advertise your Service and Provide Contact Details.

The Above Mentioned are our Ideas of Working Together or Collaboration, therefore For any of the Above Opportunities to work with us or if your Creative and Brilliant Mind has any Appealing and Extra-Ordinary Ideas for Collaboration which you think, may be of Interest for us, you can Feel Free to Contact Us on our Email Id.

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