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NEWSWAZiR Invites Media Students, Photographers, Reporters, People Looking Out to make a career in Media Industry, Local Heroes, Social Workers, RTI Activists, NGO’s and in Simply Anyone who wants to Convey Some Incident or Happening he/she Saw or Felt, to the public

“Khabri” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it, So here You are Supposed to Provide us Stories, News, Photos, Recorded Videos, Voice or News Leads from Places where You are Located at. The Stories may include any Happenings, Events, Accidents, Incidents, Protests, or any such thing which according to you might be of Interest to the Public. We will Post these Stories on NEWSWAZiR Providing Sufficient Credit to You with YOUR Phone No., Link or Email ID whatever You Chose in the Post based on your Story. However Proper Care Must be Taken to Ensure that you Provide Sufficient Proofs, Such as Photos, Video Footages, Sound Recordings Etc. to Support Your Story, otherwise, your Stories if not supported by Sufficient Evidence, cannot be Counted.

Why to report send Stories to NEWSWAZiR:

  • NEWSWAZiR is a growing News Portal, offering Valuable & Unbiased News / Updates / Editorials to its Visitors & Subscribers in regards to the topics such as Internet, Technology, Innovations, Business, Crime, Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.
  • The Articles based on Your Stories will be displayed in the homepage for some time(some days), therefore it will be exposed to all of our Readers & Visitors and Followers through all the Social Networks we Post Our Updates on.
  • You will get a short Credit in the Article Prepared on Your Story for our Visitors & Readers to Know that You have Provided the Info/Story to Us, here you Can Post Your Email Id for Inviting Feedbacks, Story Ideas, offers etc. directly, other than that You can Also Mention a Link to Your Personal Blog or Website where the Visitors Can directly Read all of your Posts.

Guidelines to be Followed:

Reporters should follow these Guidelines strictly. In case of Violation of any of these guidelines or in Absence of any mentioned Requirement and Any Strong Evidence Supporting the Story, it will not be Published.

  • Sufficient Proof : Please Provide Sufficient Proof for Your Story ( Images or Voice/Video Recordings)
  • Credit : We appreciate ideas as well as individual work, therefore if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, then Do Not Hesitate to Give Credit, it also applies to images which you use on your post.
  • Images, Screenshots & Videos : Please provide relevant Images, Screenshots & Videos to make your story more visually appealing.
  • Self promotion : Don’t send anything for self promotion or promoting and paid or unnecessary service.

How To Become a Khabri?

  • Fill Up the Contact From in the Sidebar for Necessary Details, Mention Your Name, Address, Contact Details, Other Info (or Paste Your Resume Contents) in the Message Box, and then Send the Message by Clicking Submit/Send Button on the Form
  • Our Executive Might Call you to Verify the Contact and other Details and provide you the Id’s & Contact Numbers on which you are supposed to send your Stories (text, images, voice, videos etc.)
  • We would Preferably Use WhatsApp over WeChat and Telegram, however you can send Your Content on any of the Id’s or Numbers Provided to You Using Any of the Above Apps.
  • Once we Receive the Story with the Necessary Content Associated with it, Our Executives and Editor will Moderate, Edit & Create an Full Fledged Article on Such News or News lead Provided by You, and Once Finished Such article will be Published by Giving Appropriate Source Credit to You.

We want you to Understand that, at times, it would not be possible for us to Publish Each & Every or maybe any article based on your Story, and you agree that the Decision to Post Articles based on Stories lies with the Editor/Admin of NEWSWAZiR and therefore He may or May Not Post the Articles at his Discretion.

Any Questions? Get in touch with Us.

The Registration as a Khabri with NEWSWAZiR is Voluntary and therefore there is no Stipend or Salary or Money paid to our Khabri’s, To Express your Interest for the same, You Can also Contact Us through the Contact Form in the SideBar, the communication through WhatsApp will however be preferred.