NEWSWAZiR invites Reporters, Journalists, Authors and Editorial Writers who are willing to write here. Our Content Include News, Views, Updates, Editorials, Promotions, Opinions etc. which May be Related to the topics such as Internet, Technology, Innovations, Business, Crime, Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Travel, etc. We are looking for more fine and creative Authors and Writers to join our Team. Also do we Invite Social Activists, Media Graduates, Lawyers, MBA’s, Doctors as well as Other Professionals,  Industry Experts, Analysts etc. also are Invited.

Why to write for NEWSWAZiR:

  • NEWSWAZiR is a growing News Portal, offering Valuable & Unbiased News/Updates/Editorials to its Visitors & Subscribers in regards to the topics such as Internet, Technology, Innovations, Business, Crime, Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Travel, etc.
  • You can post 2 – 3 of your links on each post, out of which 1 should be at the end of post (Author Bio/ Author byline), and you can link 1 -2 articles from your personal blog to your article on NEWSWAZiR (If it is relevant).
  • Your article will be displayed in the homepage for some time(some days), therefore it will be exposed to all of our Readers & Visitors and Followers through all the Social Networks we Post Our Updates on.
  • You will get a short Author Bio to introduce yourself to our Visitors & Readers, here you Can Post Your Email Id for Inviting Feedbacks, Story Ideas, offers etc. directly, other than that You can Also Mention a Link to Your Personal Blog or Website where the Visitors Can directly Read all of your Posts.

Guidelines to be Followed:

Content Authors or Writers should follow these Guidelines strictly. Violation of any of these guidelines will Result in an immediate ban of the Particular Content Author or Writer without any notice or warning.

  • Credit : We appreciate ideas as well as individual work, therefore if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, then Do Not Hesitate to Give Credit, it also applies to images which you use on your post.
  • Images, Screenshots & Videos : When you write an article for us, do add relevant Images, Screenshots & Videos to make your post more visually appealing.
  • No Affiliate links : Do not add any affiliate links to Your Posts.
  • Copyright : We respect work, and Specifically the Work which is Copyrighted, therefore In case, if we notice that you have been copying the Content from anywhere to Post on NEWSWAZiR, you will banned instantly.
  • Comments: Try answering readers through comments, as it will give you more exposure and also help Readers, Visitors & Followers.
  • Content Length: The articles should be of minimum of 300 words.

How To Submit The Article?

  • Register with Us First on WhatsApp, by sending your precise CV as a Text, after evaluation of the CV, if approved, we will subsequently call you up for verification.
  • Check Your Email ID for your Signup Confirmation & Login Information.
  • Update your profile. Fill Out all the necessary Details.
  • Go to Posts and click on Add New Post.
  • Now write up an article and do all the basic things like adding tags and assigning categories.
  • Click Submit for Review button.
  • That’s it.
  • Now, your article will be Reviewed & Edited (if necessary) by the Editor or any Such Person Assigned for the Work, and Once he approves Your Article, it will be published.

Any Questions? Get in touch with Us.

The Registration as a Contributor with NEWSWAZiR is Voluntary and therefore there is no Stipend or Salary or Money paid to our Contributors, To Express your Interest to Write For Us, You Can also Contact Us through the Contact Form in the SideBar, the communication through WhatsApp will however be preferred.